HWIC strives to foster a community of scientists with a commitment to supporting the advancement of women in STEM. To this end, we host socials, networking opportunities, seminars, and more. We’d love for you to join us at our next event!




Current Programs

HWIC Book Club: Read and discuss one book per semester. We'll be starting our next book club soon! Previous books include: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic.


HWIC Coffee Hour: During the hot summer months we're hosting biweekly, informal walks to local coffee/ice cream shops 

Harvard Spotlight: Click here to check out some of the amazing women researchers in our department! 

Meetings with visiting professors: Meet with female seminar speakers when they visit Harvard (virtually, for now)

HWIC x Harvard Womxn in Chemistry Mentorship Program: This program seeks to connect undergraduates with graduate students, postdocs, and research fellows to facilitate interpersonal connections, provide research and career support, and foster community in CCB.

Informal discussion panels with undergraduates in the Harvard Chem Club: Previous topics have ranged from conversations about womxn in STEM to applying to graduate school.


Professional development events: We host panel discussions and workshops to help grad students/postdocs in our department develop professional skills and competencies for their professional goals and career development.

Women-centered events: We host events for all womxn in our department where they can share their thoughts in an informal way and support each other.

Meetings with faculty and staff: We meet with female faculty and staff in our department over lunch to discuss life, science, and everything in between.

Postdoc-centered events: To provide a platform for postdocs in our department to connect to one another and help each other with job applications and interviews.

Previous Programs


Socials: Hosted regular socials including an ice cream social, an outing to Aeronaut brewery, a Fall-themed social with undergraduates, and a restaurant night with MIT’s Graduate Women in Chemical Engineering