Are you experiencing or witnessing sexual harassment/discrimination and/or gender-based discrimination in the workplace?

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Harvard's Office of Gender Equity (OGE)

- Anonymous Disclosure form: Use this form to let OGE know of any event or situation you are concerned about (includes if you're not sure if it crosses a line but want to raise the issue to someone). The form is completely anonymous and is not the same as filing a formal complaint with the Title IX coordinators. 

- Sexual Harassment/Assault Resources and Education (SHARE) Counselors: These are confidential and privileged counselors who you can talk to both via a scheduled appointment or through the 24-hour crisis hotline (617) 495-9100. 

Title IX Resource Coordinators: Talking to the Resource Coordinators does not mean you are/will be filing a formal Title IX complaint. That process could happen if you want it to, but you can talk to the coordinators about a situation or event, and they can inform you of resources and options you have to address a particular situation. 

For FAS-GSAS students, contact either:

Seth Avakian (, (617) 495-9583)

Danielle Farrel (, (617) 495-5005) 

Contract Enforcement and Education Committee of the Harvard Graduate Student Union (CEEC-HGSU)

Available to anyone who is both a student and does paid work for Harvard (regardless if you're in the union). CEEC's only responsibility is to support student workers.

- Role of CEEC: to provide support to other student workers and enforce protections secured in the union contract. Contacting CEED does not initiate any formal process with Harvard 

- Workplace Issue Form: Use this form to disclose an incident and get connected with a trained union officer to learn more about your options and rights. You can choose to remain anonymous or even to not meet with anyone after submitting the form. If you want, your next step will be to meet with a CEEC trained officer who will learn more about the incident and work with you to develop a plan of action you are comfortable with. 

- Learn more about the union's full contract and summary

- Read about testimonials from previous grievants the union helped resolve